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31 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW

This extensive list shows the 31 Cheapest Budget Travel Destinations in the World. Alex and Marko, the Vagabrothers give you pro budget travel tips on what to do in each insanely affordable destination!



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6,276 Thoughts to “31 INSANELY AFFORDABLE Budget Travel Destinations to VISIT NOW”

  1. vagabrothers

    What’s up Vagabonds! Hope you enjoy our video and if you’re not already subscribed, hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss out on any future uploads. Please share other topics you’d like us to make videos about. Stay curious and keep exploring!

    1. Pharaoh Ferragamo

      Travel to Belize


      You should go to India. Its is amazing🔥 I would like to share it with u guys my vlog too

    3. Pete and Ash

      I love Iceland, literally just got back! Check out the video on my channel, November was beautiful!!

  2. anderekit

    been to thailand 11 times its not cheap if you plan to party every night. You can spend £100 a day easy. £100 is around 4400bhat say 1000 for hotel 1000 for food leaves 2400 which is roughly £55, in the best clubs its 150 for a beer which is around £3.45 so 10 beers leaves you with £21 for massages and tourist stuff. see its not so cheap


    You should go to India. Its is amazing🔥 I would like to share it with u guys my vlog too

  4. Anthony Coles

    What are prices though…

  5. Nancy Medina

    How do you guys get there? Because the flights are very expensive! Help?

  6. wilburbonzo

    2:16 that’s Gdansk, not Krakow

  7. Flight Of Spice Blog

    to have life and travel non stop? I always talk about this on my blog

  8. Scott Miller

    I’ve lived in several of these places like Greece and Nicaragua! Definitely great places to live!! I’ve been to loads of the places on your list and have to say that you totally missed the pair of Romania and Moldova which are super cheap and amazing destinations!

  9. Alessandro Mathieu

    Very nice video guys!
    Just one thing tho…. Ko Phi Phi still a great deal…?? probably the worst place in Thailand

  10. Mariana Duma Alban

    Great video guys !! You missed beautiful Romania … and by the way you featured Peles castle for … Bulgaria but actually it is in Romania !! 🙂

  11. MVV NA&M

    Nice tips 😍😍 you can also book your travel destination here

  12. Haonan Liu

    Morocco 😀 it’s beautiful

  13. Jessica Love

    Estoniaaaaaa holds my heart. Hoping to go back this upcoming summer as well as check out Czech & Monte Negro !

  14. scott carter

    Montreal isn’t the capital city of Quebec.

  15. Ebru Kan

    wheres the turkey ?

  16. Totally Trips

    Such a helpful video! If anyone needs help getting to these destinations, contact us (877.439.8747)! Happy travels, everyone!

  17. Suhani Yashmin

    Yes ,INDIA😍😍

  18. Kartel Farley

    Cartagena Colombia 🇨🇴. Great place with friendly people and great food .

  19. Catalina Deacon

    Great list!

  20. otahu Rice

    Mmm.. 90% of your destinations are cities. 🙁 I Want off the grid detestations.

  21. Itz_Pete xD

    do not go to cape town, south Africa is under extreme criminal activity, I lived in south Africa for 14 years and I now live in new Zealand. If you do travel to south Africa I advise you to hold o to your thigs plz

  22. Daniela dos Santos Silva

    you lost me when you said the vietnam was torn apart by war and not that you fucked up country invaded it

  23. Alex z

    Mexico City quote on quote used to be the death capital and is near that today so I don’t know how it got on this list

  24. Stacy J

    How much is the ticket tho. It’s only cheap if I’m already there

  25. Miss X Official

    2:42….I knew it can u not name India 😂…we have everything ❣
    also I like Budapest so much

  26. Nanda September

    You have the same picture of the beach from Srilangka and Indonesia 5.08 and 13.24 :p

  27. Joana Matos

    portuguese people where u at??

  28. Braden Romano

    I want to go to all of these places too bad!!!

  29. Braden Romano

    woahhh!! so cool!!

  30. Local Goes Global

    Great video!! We really enjoyed it!

  31. Bojana Ivanovic

    Okay, i dont know if this will be okay, but my friend and i want to go and work in alaska, and that will only be posible if we win a trip
    I know that advertising is not allowed and i apriciate that, but tbh i dont have many friend who would click on this, and i am asking you as a big group of people to please concider clicking ♡
    These are the links, one is mine, and one is my friends
    We are from serbia so not much of you wil be able to read it i guess.

  32. Drill Advocates

    You look like Mata from Man Utd

  33. Abrie Brits

    Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa! I live here, and have to agree it is simply amazing. You’ll never run out of stuff to do.
    Very nice video!

  34. Spyros Kamilalis

    This year’s been all about Krakow and Lisbon for me. I’m happy that both destinations are on your list, as well as my country, Greece. Let’s see:Krakow is stunning. A beautiful central European town that has deep historical roots since medieval times. The old town and the castle will leave anyone breathless, even after having seen many historical and picturesque towns. The food is probably the biggest surprise, cheap and delicious and… yes, dumplings!!! You’ll get the chance to see three UNESCO world heritage sites, one being the town centre. The second is the Wieliczka salt mine which is an otherworldly experience, it’s where you go to take a taste of Moria and Kazadh-dum! The third one is the world heritage site that every human owes it to themselves to visit, the Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial and museum. You can get both the salt mine and Auschwitz for a set package to visit over two days. Great deal.Lisbon is an amazing city as well. I didn’t expect to see all these things that I saw, because I wasn’t the one who decided or organised our trip. However, I was pleasantly surprised and I must say Portugal now has drawn my attention in general (see you soon Porto!). You can take the public transport that is very effective or an uber to go to Belem tower. From there keep heading towards the old town on foot and you’ll enjoy all the beautiful sites the city has to offer, the sailors’ monument, the bridge, the statue of Christ, the cathedral with the museum and the monastery, all climaxing to St. George’s Castle around which you can use the old-fashioned tram, similar to San Francisco’s. And whatever you do, do not forget to try both the cod and the sardine dishes.As far as Greece is concerned, my only comment would be that the country has a lot more to offer than the islands. The main often gets overlooked which is a shame and people are missing out.

  35. Shourov Chakma

    LOMBOK is much cheaper and less crowded than Bali. And its beauty will make you want to live there forever. LOVE YOU INDONESIA.

  36. liebedasleben immer

    Du bist viel in der Welt unterwegs? Reist unheimlich gerne, hast aber immer wieder Probleme mit der Kommunikation? Dann lerne jetzt eine zweite Fremdsprache! Du kannst alles kostenlos testen.

  37. MeJoho

    That’s one hell of a thumbnail. CLICKBAIT!

  38. sndeep dhawade

    background song name plz

  39. Klaudia Domańska

    Poland is amazing 💞💞

  40. Jean Hachey

    Ooooppppps, Montréal is not the capital of Québec, Québec City is the capital. I can just imagine hearing people from Québec City hearing that just screaming, lol.

  41. Молдир дуйсенбай

    Kazakhstan 🇰🇿 very beautiful country I recommend really beautiful and cheap go to travel

  42. Jack DuFauchard

    There are so many places I’ve always wanted to travel! Just found out about this channel about a month ago, and I love it!

  43. tab.i

    You show rocks from seychelles in Bali and previously the same picture in Sri Lanka i think

  44. tab.i

    Santorini and Mykonos not so cheap as flights connections and hotels

  45. Umbrellaclicks

    Nick page brought me there, hello brothers

  46. aashish bijukchhe

    Sought out from Pokhara, Nepal. I have video contents if somebody wants to make a video of pokhara. I also happen to have contacts with travelling agencies for more comfortable price, since its not my field of my income I can help those in need for free and give them a local guide.

  47. kapadokya Peribacasi

    A dreamy and unique destination, breathtaking panorama and landscape wherever you look! Enjoy your journey like in fairytale and find the treasure hidden in Cappadocia…Hot air balloon tours, open-air museums, valleys, underground cities, fairy chimneys, boutique cave hotels, horse riding tours, atv&off-road tours, pottery workshops, wine tasting and delicious Turkish food �����Just amazing!

  48. kapadokya Peribacasi

    A dreamy and unique destination, breathtaking panorama and landscape wherever you look! Enjoy your journey like in fairytale and find the treasure hidden in Cappadocia…Hot air balloon tours, open-air museums, valleys, underground cities, fairy chimneys, boutique cave hotels, horse riding tours, atv&off-road tours, pottery workshops, wine tasting and delicious Turkish food �����Just amazing!

  49. Travelzoom Education

    Great !!

  50. Jordan wang

    you can get amazing street food for a dollar in china as well

  51. Elliot Anderson

    Want your photography shared

  52. Sudarmi Mulyanto

    Here also pretty cheap for visiting especialy for trekking lovers. Rinjani part of beautiful Indonesia! Just search “Lombok Trekking” web: need any help inbox me

  53. zt1988

    Brazil should of been on that list

  54. zt1988

    Brazil should of been on that list

  55. BTS Army

    Drama ng pilipinas pucho pucho ang quality😂

  56. winnie maina

    Did you guys mention only 3 countries in Africa?
    What of Kenya?

  57. Sara Hellara

    Hey! It’s all amazing and beautiful! You guys should totaly go to Tunisia! I’m half Tunisian and half Spanish and I love both of my countries but if I had to choose one HAVE TO GO for americans it would be Tunisia! It’s a fabulous country with good food, amazing beaches and beautiful places to see.

  58. Victor Alves

    You have a photo of Lisbon (Portugal) which is actually Porto

  59. shhosh

    Great list guys but Lisboa is a super popular and crowded destination with flights from all over Europe – you dont have to take a train from Madrid…??? Wat? It might have been better if you stuck to 10 places you actually knew about than just adding every city on earth. But you do give some good tips, thanks for that.

  60. Investidor marombeiro opressor

    Brazil,Sao Paulo hehehehe

  61. Valerie Le Gurun

    Travel at 60% Off

  62. Melissa Lauture

    LOVE your videos! Always inspiring everyone. Check out my website for helpful travel tips! Have a good weekend guys!! **********

  63. Life by Linda

    What a great list! Just added so many destinations to my travel list 🙂

  64. Johannes Åberg

    Name of the song at the end of the video?

  65. Yohann Frot

    Actually, Ecuador is not that cheap, I’ve lived there and I’ve clearly known cheaper. Plus, I didn’t feel comfortable at all over there…

  66. Ryan Colunga

    what about china super cheap and unlimited things to see

  67. Julia Assabbab

    im a NEW YouTuber!)
    Russian(Lived in Dubai-Now Morocco)

    Plz check what i do))

  68. Dedi Muhtar

    Asean The Best destinations in the world

  69. Arun Toros

    😀 😀 😀

    :C F

  70. Océane Coeurdassier


  71. EisyXFdX

    GREAT! but i live in Malaysia..

  72. Dumitriu Marian

    Why on earth do you have a picture of Peles Castle from Romania when presenting Bulgaria?

  73. Brian Lee

    See any Place, Any Hangout Spot LIVE at this very moment via Lookies

  74. Cara Hartline

    Nicaragua is Gorgeous and amazing people!!!!Also awesome zip lining!!!!!

  75. M _erica

    Indonesians wya

  76. Resplendent Island - Sri Lanka
  77. Morocco Travel Vlog

    Great video Bro

  78. BaBrEkAj #_#

    Sarajevo is really a wonderful place to visit but there are also other cities that are not far from Sarajevo. And prices are very affordable, they have very good food and it has to be noted

  79. Jaime

    You guys recommended some great spots. But I think you made a mistake. “Sarajevo in Bosnia” was a photo of Mostar, I believe.

  80. xpamx

    I live in Thailand and you can actually find some cheap but nice place to stay. The beaches aren’t that expensive compared to other beaches around the world. Around September we have Full Moon Party full of djs, neon lights and all kinds of drinks. The north is where the mountains are. You can visit the capital city, Bangkok. And literally every part of this country is interesting, you should come and see!

  81. sara bilgin

    There was no Germany or turkey

  82. ParsimoniousTV

    Thanks so much for the tip on taking a flight to Madrid and then taking a train to Lisbon! That makes it so much cheaper!

  83. Victoria Rosales

    I just got back from the Dominican Republic! While it is beautiful it is definitely not the cheapest option! I think tourism has definitely caught up there and is kinda like US prices, you can still find the occasional bargain but don’t be fooled

  84. sjwilkin

    Your Krakow video was Gdansk…. awkward

  85. Toriluvsgames ***

    Yassss vegan friendly yay

  86. Anthony S

    Cool video! Please visit my travel go fund me page if you can donate it would be greatly appreciated. Peace and love


    I’m sorry. Why there isn’t list country of Turkey also there is best place at Turkey.

  88. 아이라 21

    I’m from Indonesia and I love it when you say “Bored of Bali? There are 17k other islands!” 😂

  89. kat

    I’ve been to India on an exchange trip and definitely a super cheap and very cool destination. Water bottles were $0.25 and so was ice cream. Meals at fancy hotels cost about the same as cheap fast food in America, and you can totally bargain in markets. I stayed in Agra but did a day trip to Jaipur and would totally recommend Jaipur!!!

  90. Zaur Mamedov

    Hey guys! Great videos, really enjoying them, thank you! My strong recommendation would be visiting Caucasus region. An ancient region of Eurasia. Specifically, worth visiting is Azerbaijan for it’s ancient history, amazing food scene, old and new architecture as well as extremely friendly people. Oh yeah, and that’s where you will get to taste the beluga caviar 🙂 This is the place of the birthplace of Zoroastrian religion (first mono God religion in the world), the country where Nobel brothers made their money to establish the Nobel Prize award. Caspian Sea is always warm and you get to enjoy fun beach clubs with top world DJs performing there in the summer months. Some of the cities to visit: Baku (the capital), Sheki Shemakha, Qabala, Goychay. Azerbaijan has 9 out of 13 climate zones, so you will have an opportunity to see all kinds of amazing nature, including beautiful Caucasian Mountains (the longest range mountains in the world). Feel free to contact me if you decide to go and need more info. Would be glad to assist. Again, thank you for your awesome work and I am gonna go ahead and watch rest of your videos. Sagh Ol! 🙂

  91. cangazz33

    I went to Egypt this year with a tour and it was incredible the only place out of my europe adventure that didn’t have TONES of tourists it was legit our group and the pyramids! Was amazing

  92. Gaby Puerto

    Colombia!!!!! My country!!!!

  93. Andrea Paez

    Colombiaaaaa <3

  94. Lavinia Ioana

    The castel photo that you showed at Bulgaria is in Romania!! Is the Peles Castel in Sinaia! You know nothing John Snow!

  95. Rob Williams

    Wait! That wasn’t a picture of Sarajevo… that’s Mostar (literally translated: “old bridge”). Sarajevo and Mostar are both definitely worth a visit, each has a completely different vibe and geography. Much higher tourist density in Mostar, but tourism has also increased substantially in Sarajevo over the past 20 years.

  96. Wout Van Gucht


  97. Emma

    Best traveling deals website

    I like these deals ever

  98. eugenie guillaumin

    thanks you — beaitiful —-

  99. fio •

    Yes! My country *Ecuador* ! It contains 4 physical regions: Coast, Amazon, Highlands, and The Galápagos Islands!

  100. NoName :3

    I’ll just stay in bed it’s FREE

  101. Sudip Dhakal

    Travel Asia: Nepal best place you need to be before death

  102. Travel Away

    Needed a budget trip that is cheapest then choose Nepal

  103. alison jerome

    montreal isn’t the capital…. its quebec city

  104. Adel Saade

    you have to visit lebanon

  105. Elçin İcik

    Turkey is a cheap destination to travel

  106. Lisa Rohe

    Are the Philipines advisable to travel under their current president? I’ve wondered what the overall safety level in in the country right now.

    1. Lisa Rohe

      Thanks! All I’ve read about Duterte has made me uneasy but I would really like to plan a visit.

    2. Ron J

      Lisa Rohe So much safer than it was before!

  107. S M Fahim Ahmed

    It’s awesome, bro

  108. Amy Hagen

    If only flights weren’t so expensive

  109. C M

    Thse guys should travel with girls

  110. Dalva Silvestre

    I’m from Portugal and I can assure you that Portugal isn’t cheap. But tourist seem to love it (wonder why) but if you go I advise you to go to Algarve and Alentejo

  111. Karim Zouiri

    Thank you very much

  112. Vipul Kothari

    Hi. I am passionate about traveling and I simply love your posts. For avid travellers like us, I recently came across a travel blog which gives complete information about the places you want to visit. I found it very helpful in planning so many recent trips so thought of sharing with you too.. Check it out and let me know how you find it..

  113. Santiago Molina

    puta que es caro chile por la chucha

  114. SoulJah Roch

    Thanks for the review of my hometown, New Orleans. Mardi Gras is to be avoided indeed, and much respect for discovering, and recommending Frenchman Street, which is best during New Year’s, Jazz Fest, and NOLA’s best kept secret, and best time to visit, Halloween. There’s a mantra on NOLA, “It’s always a good time to costume.” And Halloween is a long weekend that locals get to enjoy as well. Musicians booked for Jazz, and Voodoo Fests often just show up to sit in on Frenchman. And don’t forget to take a trolley to visit the Cemeterys on Canal.

  115. Nipu Nath

    This is great. Very insightful information. Thanks a lot Vaga brothers. Keep it up.

  116. Clemens Travel World

    Hey there i’m currently creating a travelvlog channel about my travels around the world maybe you would like to check it out 🙂 thank you very much

  117. Umesh Shrestha

    11:27 I am pretty sure that’s Fewa lake of Nepal.

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    Hi. Check out my videos in Dominican Republic. I have been traveling around Dominican Republic for 30 days. Click Like and Subscribe to my channel ” Ken’s Life Journey” to see more videos:

  119. Dominick015

    First time traveling have not been out of the states yet!?! Any recommendations??

  120. Tom Marvolo Riddle

    I always think you’re Tulio and Miguel traveling all over the world after El Dorado 😂 I love this video guys, thanks 💖

  121. Iulia Cristina

    Peles Castle and Balea Lake are in Romania, not Bulgaria 🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩

  122. Ashna Padaratsing

    U guys Forget to add Mauritius its affordable and most important very beautiful paranomic view

  123. Banana Official

    You missed Georgetown, Guyana, in South America. The only English speaking country on the continent.

  124. Simon zelič

    Nice video guys!
    Next time you visit Croatia don’t forget to visit it’s neighbors Slovenia. =)
    Lots of mountains, lakes and waterfalls.

  125. stephane levesque

    montreal is not the capital of quebec quebec city is the capitol of quebec

  126. Salma Boreo

    It was very interesting, 15 minutes passed quickly, thank you I learned a lot of useful things for myself

  127. Emils Travel Vlog

    I think almost every country is cheap to visit, you just have to know how 🙂
    – But great video!

  128. S Dj

    Where is Serbia here ? 😀

  129. Geneva Breakdance

    omg you are so handsomes boys

  130. Lucky Luke

    Pictures of Mostar when mentioning Sarajevo 😀

  131. Tabea Pfeiffer

    <- hier kannst du dich fühlen wie ein ReicherUrlauber aber machst sehr günstig 'Urkaub

  132. Sanjana Subbiah

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  133. Sanjana Subbiah

    Hi guys, so after a really long break ( i swear I wasn’t procrastinating, it was a legit writer’s block ) I’m resuming my blog again, I’ve revamped things a little and I really hope you guys like it!
    Many people consider this their dream vacation destination because just imagine, days laying around the white sandy beaches and turquoise water, sounds wonderful right?
    So whether you are into history, nature, adventure or food, travelling with friends, family, or looking to plan your honeymoon; the island will not disappoint and with this in mind I packed my bags and took a 6 hour long flight to this African Paradise, and here are 7 reasons why you should too.
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  134. Phan Ngọc

    Great Vietnam <3

  135. Ajith C J

    Goa is one place worth checking out in India, or better yet visit Andaman and Nicobar islands.

  136. lil angel2

    First time I see my country anywhere Ecuador

  137. Bogdan Nica

    12:29 that castle is in Romania not Bulgaria . That’s Peles Castle .

  138. Jenifer Watts

    Hell yeah! Glad Bulgaria made the list! I’ve been there. Sofia to be exact. Beautiful city

  139. Nel Di

    Thank you for you video is great for all the people want to see the world . my web page is

  140. charlie Dean best places where to spend new year

  141. Octavian Greculetz

    Note.. 12:28 is Peles Caste in Romania, not Bulgaria!

  142. OneBirYek

    Joshua National Tree Park 4k

  143. Aditi Dutta

    South Africa is not a cheap country. I visited there last May 2017 . Compared to America and Europian countries its cheap but as compared to African or Asian country is too much expensive.

  144. sandeep insane

    you guys will love Nepal visit Freak Street in Kathmandu …

  145. Travel Thoughts

    If you want a cheap place with great waves, warm water, good food, check out Puerto Escondido. Alternatively, if you want to go to the Caribbean comparatively cheap there is always Playa del Carmen () and, Tulum () as you mentioned. We are in Costa Rica at the moment, but as you say it isn’t cheap.

  146. The Peter Pan Syndrome

    Hi,Love your videos!If you like check out our first vlog aswell!

  147. britnxypham

    southeast asia for the win 🤤

  148. Evan Teague

    Good stuff fellas!

  149. Norbert Jakab

    Morocco is really stunning, been there a few times-sadly, the beaches I have seen were pretty dirty and there is a strange (in a bad way) smell lingering all over the place; but I still love it (and even though people speak French rather than English, they are hospitable:) Great food as well.
    Portugal is really cheap as well and dessert stuff is delicious; like in Spain, in Portugal you will also have a hard time finding someone who speaks English.

  150. dunechylde1

    That’s not Sarajevo, that’s Mostar. Same country, different bridge.

  151. Mohan Gawade

    Come to GOA! (India)

  152. Philsoundtech

    Montreal is not the capital city of the Quebec province…. Its Quebec City !

  153. LemonChicken

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  155. Gabriel Jawiche

    Montreal is not the capital city of Canada… but overall it’s a great video thanks
    Thinking about going to Ecuador, how much money you think I will need for 2 week trip ?

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  158. ann

    whyyyyyyy should instagram make a difference in your traveling plans? people thinking like this are making me sick

  159. Ashley Merklinger

    This is great! I saved this video for later for future adventures 😀

    As a side note, I will be embarking on a life-changing adventure next spring! I’ll be going to Wales from January to June in 2018 to study abroad. If anyone would like to help me get there, that would be fantastic! My GoFundMe is
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    Thank you! ♥

  160. Alex Mitaru

    You idiots that picture with a castle from Bulgaria is actually Peles castle from Romania

  161. Nyka Jupiter

    Thank you guy so much. I see my country on your list Cambodia …. :-*

  162. Shane Hunter

    anyone know song at 11:51? thanks!

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  164. Southern Comfort Entertainment

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  165. Betty Rivets

    Capital of Quebec is Quebec City

  166. R6 of NYC


  167. Laura Stephenson

    I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Indonesia (Bali). LOVE them all; dreaming of the Ari Putri hotel in Bali for my next vacation, then New Zealand, I hope!

  168. Vishal wanderlust


  169. Daniel Ghirtoi

    Hey guys, the castel you put on Bulgaria part is from Romania , city of Sinaia

  170. Gaia

    You can see my channel if you want to see something about an “India-Italy exchange”! I went to New Delhi and there it’s all very cheap and amazing, as you said 😄

  171. Maria Teresa Gil

    Hola chicos… genial el informe. Pero quería sugerirles que Argentina no es sólo Buenos Aires. Todas nuestras provincias son bellas y estamos entre el mar y la cordillera. Recuerden que tenemos las Cataratas del Iguazú o al sur que esta el Glaciar Perito Moreno…. Por donde yo vivo que vienen las ballenas todos los años, tenemos pingüinos, orcas, lobos marinos… y mucho más. Yo particularmente vivo en la provincia de Chubut … y tenemos la dicha de tener unos paisajes variados de flora y fauna por tener mar … meseta y cordillera. Los invito a conocer más. Saludos desde Puerto Madryn.

  172. Valentina Sredeva

    Niiiice list! But VAGABROTHERS, guys, when you mentioned Bulgaria.. where is the photo with that castle taken? I am pure bulgarian and I’ve never seen it! Thanks in advance:))

  173. Aarin Burt

    What’s the song in the beginning??

    1. kaldor tube

      Naika – Ride (my Handy app shazaam knew it in 2 seconds 😉 ) Greets

  174. Hristijan

    I have been to Nesebar Bulgaria but its more chill and iznt if you want to go shoping its a small city however its not bad

  175. DeWayne Dingalo

    I’ve watched this video about 5 times & that “Buenos Aires, Argentina!” Marko does gets me everytime! 😂😂😂

  176. Niraj Kanji

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  177. Niraj Kanji

    For extremely cheap travel destinations

  178. Rodolfo Sandiford

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    I’d like to see Mexico next year, Burma, Nepal, Morocco, Columbia and Madeira, Portugal on my cheap list. Israel on a tour. Portugal has the Azores Islands, the Madeira Islands and the mainland. Madeira is supposed to be even cheaper than the Azores! Maybe about $70 per night.

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    Back from Philipines( palawan boracay) and its very expensive
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